Retiring Projects

A screenshot of Gravit.

I’m retiring some of my older projects. I just don’t have time to maintain, support, and create releases. The projects are:

  • Dark Fighter
  • Gravit
  • Python Call Graph
  • Python Google Chart

Dark Fighter is a commercial space-based multiplayer real-time strategy game. I spent a year and a half developing it. It was in the iOS App Store until recently where they removed it for suddenly “not complying with one or more App Review Guidelines”. There were hardly any downloads at that stage, so I didn’t look into it. You can see the trailer here, and the defunt website living in the Wayback Machine.

Gravit is an Open Source gravity simulator which simulates galaxies colliding with Newtonian physics, using highly optimised CPU threading and extensions. I started developing it circa 2003 and it’s written in C. Gravit still lives on github, but requires compilation to get going. The old website, which contains some documentation and build instructions lives in the Wayback Machine. There’s also a Wikipedia page on gravit.

Python Call Graph is a Python library to help measure and visualise performance based metrics in a call graph. pycallgraph lives on github and the generated documentation on readthedocs.

Python Google Chart is a Python library to generate charts using the Google Charts API, which also lives on github. Google deprecated the API, however thanks to debrunner it looks like they have adopted the same endpoints in their new API.

Infinite thanks for everyone who helped contribute to these projects. I am happy to refer users to the successor to github project If one of these projects have forked and continued development.